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Pats Dynasty vs 49ers Dynasty

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Sep 12th

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NE from 2001-2017
SF from 1981-1998

Avg record:
- NE: 12.3-3.7
- SF: 11.5-4.0 (skewed by the strike-shortened 1982 season)

Regular season win %:
- NE: .768
- SF: .739

First place finishes:
- NE: 15 (88.2% of the time)
- SF: 13 (72.2% of the time)

Avg place finished:
- NE: 1.1
- SF: 1.4

Avg point differential per year:
- NE: +149.1
- SF: +149.6

Avg Off Rank:
- NE: 4.9 points, 7.7 yards
- SF: 3.7 points, 3.4 yards

Avg Def Rank:
- NE: 7.5 points, 16.8 yards
- SF: 5.7 points, 8.3 yards

Avg Strength of Schedule (
- NE: -0.1
- SF: -0.8

- NE: 6.3
- SF: 5.3

- NE: 2.9
- SF: 3.3

Avg SRS:
- NE: 9.2
- SF: 8.3

Trips to the Conference Championship Game:
- NE: 12 (70.6%), NE going 8-4 (.667)
- SF: 10 (55.5%), SF going 5-5 (.500)

Super Bowl Record:
- NE: 5-3 (.625)
- SF: 5-0 (1.000)

Combined CCG and SB records:
- NE: 13-7 (.650)
- SF: 10-5 (.667)

New England did this in the salary cap era, when teams were forced to lose high-end talent year after year because of the cap. Harder to keep a team together. NE also did this with the same QB-HC combo (Brady-Belichick). SF did this with multiple QB-HC combos (Walsh-Montana, Seifert-Montana, Seifert-Young, Marinucci-Young). Not sure which is more impressive.

That San Francisco dynasty was all-time, really. Just an incredible run of greatness, spanning 18 years. I think - and I know I'm a homer - that the Patriots' dynasty has been even better, doing a little more in 17 years than SF did in 18. If they tack on a 6th SB before this dynasty is over, holy smokes.

NE has more CG appearances, more SB appearances, more 1st place finishes, a better overall record, more playoff wins, a stronger SRS metric, and each team won 5 SB titles (so far). SF had a slightly better point differential, and better team rankings relative to their NFL peers at the time. Plus an undefeated SB record (5-0).

I give the edge to New England. But these two are clearly the only two in the discussion for greatest NFL dynasties of all time.


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New England.

SF struggled against the best teams of the era in the playoffs, including NYG, Chicago and Washington. SF did NOT beat a single team in the super bowl that had won a super bowl during that era (Bengals x2, Broncos, Dolphins). On the other hand, NE beat the 2001 Rams (won in 1999) and 2014 seahawks (won in 2013).
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Clear edge to ne, even before considering the salary cap angle. More sb appearances and deep playoff runs.

Also interesting to note that sf’s defenses were generally better ranked than ours, further proving the montana overbrady crowd insane.


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Like Pittsburgh in their run, SF had the good fortune of being able to keep all of their stars, then upgrading the weaker positions. Super impressive, sure, but the Patriots doing this run with entirely different teams over and over again shines a brighter light on BB and TB, the constants.

Never ever would have expected any team in the NFL to have anywhere near this level of sustained success in the salary cap era.


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need to put some astericks next to SF numbers since their #1 WR admitted to using stickum on his hands.


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Imagine growing up with The GOAT's poster on your wall, then being the guy that relegates him to second place. And that's just one of the many ways it must be very very rewarding to be Tom F Brady.

Yup execpt no QB is ever going to win 7 Super Bowls except Brady (only one with a shot), I know he has 5 but lets be realistic he's going to get 6 its just a matter of when


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Yup execpt no QB is ever going to win 7 Super Bowls except Brady (only one with a shot), I know he has 5 but lets be realistic he's going to get 6 its just a matter of when

What's with the "except" there? I was referring to Brady having Montana's poster on his wall as a kid.


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The whole dynasty argument seems to come up a lot. People argue for the 49ers and Cowboys mostly . Some for the Steelers, although they combine their time in the 70s with the 2000s when they were successful too. The key point that always gets overlooked by non-Pats fans is the whole salary cap thing. Thats why no one comes close to the Pats dynasty.


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Like the Packers, Steelers, and Cowboys, the Niners at least looked - and continue to look - like the team their fans rooted for, win or lose, since the dawn of modern professional football.

The Packers, Steelers, and Cowboys all changed their uniforms over time.

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The Steelers began with Yellow helmets

The Packers original colors were blue and gold

Dallas began as a white and blue team. Silver was nonexistent
Same helmet in modern era since:


*James Busch Orthwein had nothing but ignorance, stupidity, contempt, disdain and hatred for us. His intention from the second he arrived to the second Kraft overpaid him by $50 million was to move the franchise to his hometown St. Louis, where his precious Budweiser label remains undamaged. Like Confederate statues, the flying elvis was initiated, perpetrated and displayed with one single malevolent purpose: to perpetuate for eternity sick, false belief that the New England Patriots are inferior, illegitimate and deserve evisceration.

**With an ugly, stupid interlude in the 70's, 80's, 90's


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