Pats @ Bills Oct 30th

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Pick Results: NE: 34.7% at BUF: 65.3%
Nov 1st

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We are two fans from Sweden, going to our first road game.
Will be driving in from Niagara Falls early morning game day, and plan to stay in Buffalo for the night afterwards. Grab some wings perhaps?

But if anyone has any good ideas regarding tailgate or other pre-game activity, please let us know. Patriots Sweden is coming!


I'm going to this game. I've never been to an NFL game and I'm not really sure what to expect. Would love to meet up with some other Pats fans.


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We are driving out Saturday from Boston. Staying downtown. I am trying to find a good place to park


I've heard that Bills fans can be pretty harsh (being a division rival), so I'm hesitant on wearing my Gronk jersey. Doesn't help that I'm a big guy, and usually meat-heads will target me (for a challenge I guess? I don't know), but I'm going with my girlfriend and would like to just enjoy the experience.
Has anyone here had any problems at an away game @ the Bills?


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Where are you guys parking? I read the article from about the lot they suggest for Pats fans

They will also be tailgating before the game 5330 Big Tree Rd. Lot. The tailgate costs $30 and includes a full menu of food and drinks. For more information or to get in contact with the meetup organizers, join the Patriots Tailgate Group on Facebook, and then go to the game's event page.


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I am staying at the Courtyard in downtown stones throw away from Niagra was $245 for the night when i booked months rooms available for that night right now
How was Patriot Tailgate? In looking at posts, it did look pretty fun all weekend