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Oct 25th

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Per Mike Reiss

Never heard of him. But then again I had never heard of Freeny and he turned out okay.


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Humber is an 8 year veteran, who will be our #4 LB (an MLB) and top STer. He replaces Dane Fletcher. If someone else had signed Fletcher, their fans would have the same attitude as we do.

I don't expect to recognize new STer's who are competing for the 4th or 5th LB position.

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This JAG would've been available to sign as a mini-camp blocking dummy.
Bill wasting time on this crap while players with actual talent are slipping through his fingers…
…and Cannonfodder remains on the payroll.


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BB cant expect for everyone of his projects to turn into an elite player. I see another season of our defense bending heavily but not breaking and Brady throwing for 35+ attempts a game.


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I don't expect any less from this guy than I expected of Freeny when he signed.


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Thank God ! Thought another team would gobble him up before we signed him. Heard he flew to Atlanta before signing with the Pat's.
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