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DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

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Sep 12th

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We had 20 years of unprecedented success. Time for us to do some suffering.
Well its not all bad, stidham could be decent plus we have the best corner in the game. BB wants to win without Brady. Has a strange way of showing it.


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‘Yup. My first thought was Hurts or Kmet, but then it occurred to me that there is one player you could be fairly confident about because there aren’t many teams with a need at a particular position. That one player is Jordan Love. Green Bay and maybe Detroit are the only teams that might have any chance of taking him.

Colts pick at 34, I believe, and aren’t enamored with Jacoby anymore.

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If you draft player X at 23 instead of drafting the same player at 37, you've gotten the same amount of talent, but at a higher price.

Yeah, the problem with this thinking is that Bill has been brutal drafting in the 2nd round lately. I wonder if they traded back this year for financial reasons. Not sure why they can't do anything with Thuney.


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I don't have myself to blame since I stated this was going to happen at the start of this yeah, what else ya got?

I don't know what he's got...but I got a ****ing nickel!

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