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Patrick Chung has retired

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Back when I used to be able to watch the games, he really stood out. Rover, was it, the role he had at Oregon? He was a heat seeking missile. That carried on in the NFL. One of my all-time favourites.
Yes he was designated as a rover with the Ducks.

Hyped Supporter Supporter
Thank you, Pat! And yes, I have forgiven you for that fake punt audible against the Jets in the playoffs....

Patriot for life!!! LFG!!!


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He was the only player that made binkie status for me. Had huge hopes for him in 2009, and though there were a couple bumpy years in the beginning, he became that guy when he came back. Loved watching him play and the grit and leadership he brought. Gonna miss the guy.

He's just about there in the Kevin Faulk level in my book, and that's saying something.


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I had a feeling he would. Also, Phillips and Dugger make him expendable.

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Enjoy your retirement Patrick. Thanks for some great memories.


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Thanks for everything Pat. Enjoy retirement and flash those rings everywhere, I would!

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Thanks PC for the great play, enjoy retirement and the rings you helped bring.

Patjew Supporter Supporter
Yeah he’s different.
I don’t think I missed a single snap of his Patriot career. He’s like family.

funny story.
i brought my girlfriends son to a preseason game when he was about 9.
He wanted a Brady bobble head.
He put it in his room next to a bunch of other toys like super heros, marvel characters, etc .
When he would go to his dads house I would go in his room and knock over all the other characters. When he got back I’d ask him if Tom Brady kicked all the super heroes asses again.
That is an awesome story! I have a Brady bobblehead too but I’ve put it away until he retires in like 20 years. .


Pro Bowl Player
Thanks for your service to the team, Patrick Chung. You were a hard nosed competitor and will be missed. Enjoy your retirement.


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3 time Champion and one of the best Patriots ever. Belichick praised Chung multiple times in a way he rarely ever does. This guy was an elite tough great tackling box safety who was miscast by Dean Pees. Our nickel defense was elite because of Chung.



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Solid player, after he came back from the eagles he really stepped his game up. Had lots of injuries but overall a very good team player.