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I'm fortunate enough to have not been able to watch that game, so I just remember his greatness haha. The pass breakup in the Jags playoff game is my go-to play haha. But you're right, especially to some downer fans, they really put a lot of stock in that Miami performance haha. Same with Welker in the SB - best slot receiver of all time, yet summed up for some by one play.

Gilmore doesn't break up that pass, Pats lose that game and Brady leaves this team with 5 rings not 6. Also most likely KC is looking for a threepeat.


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He was good here. I remember the game when he completely owned Julio Jones - not easy to do. Just injured at the worst possible times.

With that said Edelman took him to school in SBLIII

Talib played 18 games in NE and just 1 full season here before hitting the highway.

He was an upgrade over Mcourty who sucked as a CB.
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