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OT Panthers fire HC

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Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
If the rumors are true that they will trade guys for picks I'd love Brian Burns in New England.

He's the one true building block they would not let go IMO.

Anyway, all aboard the Robbie Anderson train. I absolutely love the kid. Go get him Bill!

Bill Lee

What, me worry? Supporter
Yeah he's gonna want his own guy upstairs and not have to answer to anyone but the owner, especially if that owner wants to hire a "name" HC...
It's going to be interesting to see how far this "rich guy" owner goes on the rebuild. Giving $40M to the fired coach, giving the rest of the staff including the GM whatever buy-outs they may have, sending cash and/or draft picks to NO to get the rights to Payton, giving Payton the same kind of deal he gave the guy he just fired, if not more (i.e. better than 7 years / $62M), paying whomever Payton wants as GM and staff. Oy vey, it is going to be one costly transition if that's how it goes down!