OFFICIAL Patriots at NY Giants Game Day Thread

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Pick Results: LAS: 3.4% at NE: 96.6%
Sep 27th

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We've only allowed one 100 yard receiver this season (Brown.) Pretty good. Let's hope that doesn't change.


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Makes sense for RG. What other pro sport commish would watch a live game of the defending champs who are perfect throughout half the regular season ? Prob none.

Wrath Mania

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Nothing like seeing both kraft a hug goodell on the sideline. Yep, the younger Kraft is really gonna take it to the league...

blackglass3 Supporter Supporter
Disgusting pictures on twitter. How the hell can they hug that guy unless they are just prepping him for something? Only in my wildest dreams, unfortunately.


Pro Bowl Player jellyfish all cozy with roger. i bet tb12 is disgusted and rightfully so...

can't let OBJ beat us, if he goes off then that's on the coaching staff. take him away.
would also like to see a heavy dose of gronkowski. giants are one of the worst teams at defending TE's and we happen to have the greatest tight end in history. inexcusable if he doesn't have a huge day..throw him the ball tom.
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