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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Raiders

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Dec 12th
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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.

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2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I've liked both these guys, and obviously Tyquantumentanglement (because of faster than light teleportation)

All these injuries at the skill positions dovetail well with being able to designate them to return after 4 games out
I do as well, it just seems like Wilkerson finds the open spots better.
I could be Wrong, I don't have the 22.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
It looks like what you get when you think you can just throw anyone into any coaching role, you get a whole load of regression.

It looks nothing like a process to me, 10-7 to worse than 10-7 isn't a process it's a regression.

Regression is a process.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
The offensive line.

That's what it is. We won't see the offense unfold and develop if the offensive line can't hold up. There is a fatal flaw somewhere on that line and I can't tell who it is. They all look meh.

I won't pretend to be some Oline savant so I'll say they all look bad.

Through 3 games only thing I can say with confidence is Jack Jones will be a player. He is always around the ball and trying to make plays.

The rest is a bit fuzzy to me.

It could also be the wine...
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