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Thursday Night: San Francisco @ Seattle (Amazon)

Saturday 1:00 ET: Indianapolis @ Minnesota (NFLN)
Saturday 4:30 ET: Baltimore @ Cleveland (NFLN)
Saturday 8:15 ET: Miami @ Buffalo (NFLN)

Sunday Night: NY Giants @ Washington (NBC)

Monday Night: LA Rams @ Green Bay (ESPN/ABC)





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Seattle is a tough place to play in, so it will be a big test for him and the Niners
They are going to miss Samuel for a little but Christian McCaffrey is balling on very level and they have Kittle is still in the fold. I say the 49ers win handily they have a very good Defense too. :cool:

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I have been loving the trick I learned on here to watch CBS games, where (since I am a Paramount Plus subscriber) I sign on and watch, after changing my location to Massachusetts with a free app.

Is there a similar trick for Fox games? I'm not a Fox Sports subscriber though.

I could use a pirate stream, battle the gambling and porn pop-ups, ignore the pop-up ladies claiming to be horny and living 2 miles away, and later clear out my cookies afterwards from the 2,000 files that have been deposited while I watched a game.

But that is never all that pleasant.

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3 and out for both the Niners and Hawks to start the game


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There is talent on SF. Not to minimize the rookie’s improbable rise, but I’d have to think many QBs would look good with the complimentary play.


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Mac probably wishes he was drafted by niners instead of the bust Trey Lance what a terrible pick

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Looks like the Seahawks defensive backs are allergic to contact.

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