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Oct 25th

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Bill Lee

What, me worry?
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For what it's worth, here is NFL.com's power rankings going into the season.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Chiefs, 49ers on top at kickoff
The article is on NFL.COM but it's not like it's the consensus of all their staff, it's just the opinion of one writer, Dan Hanzus.

I've listened to the ATN podcast for years and he's entertaining but he's also a rabid Jets fan, so keep that in mind.

It was not preordained that Cam would win the QB camp battle. No one knew where he was in recovering from surgery.

That said, I think we're a very unpredictable team with middle of the pack talent so #15 is a reasonable rating.

The #4 rating IMO is unrealistic. Too many unknowns in DL and LB, not enough game breaking talent on the offense.

Best case: Cam lights it up and the D can hold the fort. Worst case, Cam can't play a full season and the DL/LB gets exposed.