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This has an opening post with good commentary and information, which we definitely recommend reading.


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You've missed the point. There is only one team that "cheats" in the NFL. All other teams are as pure as the Holy Mother herself (at least that's the accepted narrative)


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Can't leave out one of the original "gate" scandals... Shouldergate. John Clayton busted the Steelers in 1978 practicing with pads when it was in violation of league rules. Probably had about the same effect on games as a ball off by one psi, but they did it KNOWING it was illegal. Chuck Noll went as far as saying he didn't care about that rule and did it anyway. Local fans directed their hate towards Clayton, even though their coach was clearly cheating the rules.

People (especially Steeler fans) conveniently forget about this controversy which led Rozelle to strip the Steelers of a 3rd round pick. The Steelers won the super bowl this year. Should there be an asterisk?


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People (especially Steeler fans) conveniently forget about this controversy which led Rozelle to strip the Steelers of a 3rd round pick. The Steelers won the super bowl this year. Should there be an asterisk?

They already have 4 tainteD SB's in the 70's for illegal steroid use.

And if anyone says what the Steelers did was legal they are absolutely wrong.

Legal back then: Prescribed steroids for a valid medical reason with a valid prescription from a physician.

Was never legal: Abusing steroids to enhance athletic performance. As if we're supposed to believe everyone on the Steeler team had a medical condition that required steroid prescriptions. Abusing any prescription drug (which steroids were) was never legal in this country.

Most damning of all, Terry Bradshaw said what he did (his steroid use) was wrong. Anyone actually think he'd say such a thing if it was legal?

And no "everyone" was not doing it. The Steelers have had more players die from heart and other steroid related health problems than any other team in the NFL by far. Why do you suppose that is.

They cheated. 4*


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Terrific thread Bruins29, thanx for starting it. Here are a couple of articles about Tripgate full of memories possibly forgotten about that would be good reminders for Pats fans. (And hopefully for Bob Kraft if he has finally decided to fight back.)

The gems in here include the fact that the Rats suspended Sal Alosi, not the NFL. Who else gets to investigate and punish themselves? It would have been nice if the Pats could have investigated Spygate themselves and given themselves an appropriate punishment.

Rex Ryan and Mike Westhoff said that they both were unaware of what was going on on their own sidelines, and Roger Goodell said that he believed them.

Brian Billick stated that he knew that Ryan was aware of it and Mike Westhoff, while unaware of it on his own team, used the Pats doing it too as his defense.

So you believe Ryan and Westhoff, but not BB when he said he interpreted the league memo to mean he couldn't use tapes in the same game they were made? Really Roger?

"The NFL sent a letter to the 32 teams Thursday reminding them of the rules and restrictions for the bench area and sidelines."
That's nice, thank you for reminding teams that mugging opposing players on the sidelines is not allowed. I'm sure many of us were not clear on that.

"The league is checking into whether Westhoff violated a league rule by publicly calling out the Patriots. A 2008 league memo from commissioner Roger Goodell, printed in the San Francisco Chronicle and brought to light Thursday by, warned every team that making false claims against other clubs could result in penalties."

I had forgotten about that. If the league had actually punished the Rats for that I might have remembered.

"A Jets spokesman deferred to the league for comment."

Oh NOW you defer to the league.....

To add on to this, Jeff Cumberland is mentioned in that article saying the inactive Jets players had been forming that "sideline wall" all season (I seem to remember an article where he said they had been doing it since Rex became head coach, but nothing came up during a quick search.) Either way, this incident took place in the 13th game of the season. It's not believable that Alosi and a group of inactive players could do that for 13 games straight without Rex and/or Westhoff noticing. It doesn't make sense why the league accepted that explanation (Why would a conditioning coach come up with and implement this on his own, anyway?), especially in light of the "preponderance of evidence" discussion we've been having recently.

In terms of trangressions, I think we can also be confident that the Jets were doing the same sideline signal taping that the Patriots did. Someone mentioned earlier that a camera crew was removed from Gillette in 2006. Matt Walsh said he also saw a Jets cameraman doing the same thing he was. This would have been around 2002, when Herm Edwards was coach.

Lastly, the way Favre manuevered his way from Green Bay to Minnesota and got a complete pass on it still bothers me. It wasn't cheating, but everyone concerned with the "Integrity of the Game" should have had a problem with it. Quick summary: Favre wants out of Green Bay. GB agrees to trade him, but doesn't want him to go to a NFC North team. They trade him to the Jets, with the provision that if the Jets trade him to another NFCN team, it will cost them three 1st round picks. Favre plays a year in NY, then "retires," then un-retires in the offseason and joins the Vikings. Favre ends up in the NFC North, GB gets zero compensation. All legal, but the "spirit of the rules" and "integrity" people should have a problem with the way this played out.


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I think that this Pats hate is so intense there will be a backlash. And that backlash is something like this thread. You keep calling cheater enough times and people are going to start looking around. Well, that looking around is being done now. I would have never known how much cheating was going on in years past if it wasn't for this. I know have this master list I made that shows there was a ton of cheating going on.

I would think that nobody would have wanted this huge can or worms opened. The 49ers and Steelers dynastys can now be met with chants of cheating. Broncos SBs too.

This is like that old story about the guy with the house that had a lot of glass glass and he was throwing rocks or something?

What will we tell the children?
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This is why people don't like Patriots fans.
lol, I know right, as if beating their asses on a regular basis wasn`t enough to make ther blood boil, on average, our IQ`s are clearly much higher as well. They comment with 5th grade level smack and make accusations that have yet to be proven true, and we provide REAL facts...oh well, sucks to be them....... thats for damn sure.


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Wan`t to piss them off? I mean really thats all allof of them are tring to do even if they don`t believe in any of this nonsense, it sill presents an opportunity for them to try and piss us off.

So, anytime you see a stupid comment, on Facebook, Yahoo, ESPN, where ever, provide the link to this topic for them, you can still read this without being a member here.

Guaranteed this will piss them off right back..eff em!