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NEW ARTICLE: Should the Patriots Target QB Franks In the Later Rounds?


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"With Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham as the two quarterbacks currently on the roster..." Who is Jake Dolegala for $2,000 Alex...or Aaron. Yup, Pats have 3 QBs on the roster. I am not saying Dolegala is the starter, but he is the camp arm already and is 6'7".

"He’s a great athlete and came in with a 4.55 40 time on his pro day, which was dead even with Lance and just behind Fields." When did 4.55 suddenly become just behind Field's fantastic 4.44? N'Keal Harry ran a 4.59 and everyone thinks he is a grandfather out there. 4.55 is much closer to 4.59. I know, I know, the article says Franks can be a TE, but I just don't see it.
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Ras-IR Dowling

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I would take him day 3. Give him a shot at qb in camp. Once that looks like a lost cause I move him to TE to develop like Logan Thomas.
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