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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Unless Bill trades for a WR, then Harry is making the 53 (along with Agholor, Bourne, Meyers & Gunner)... Wilkerson doesn't have NFL hands.

Both QBs need to press the down-field issue tonight, as long as they have time in the pocket & are not throwing into double coverage...
Screw the Check-Down Charlie offense during games that do not count.

Godsmack needs to be more stout vs the run than he showed last week...That's why he's paid the big bucks right?

"TE’s Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert are a formidable duo to deal with. Let’s see how the secondary (Dugger, Phillips) and linebackers deal with this double-headed monster..."

I'm far, far less worried about Phillips in coverage than I am about Uncle Dugg.

"The secondary is led by CBs Darius Slay and Steve Nelson..."

Sure would've been nice to have had available a #3 CB like Steven Nelson... Oh wait...