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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: 15 Observations From Sunday’s Patriots Game 5 Win vs Texans

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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Looks like our hand will be forced again regarding the OL vs Dallas... No Wynn, Mason or Onwenu at practice... Until further notice, I would give first-team reps to the following unit: Herron - Thanksdad - Andrews - Karras - Cachoo

If you think our secondary was bad vs Houston, wait until Dallas comes to town...

Bill needs to strongly consider signing a vet RB like Duke Johnson and/or promoting Ben Mason;

I think the blame for the INT lies more with Mac than with Agholor... Why would you want your QB to throw toward the middle of the field where the coverage was shaded instead of toward the sideline where your receiver was going?

Agree about screen passes in the RZ with this make-shift OL... Tear out that page from the playbook, Skippy.

Carl Davis was playing hurt? I suppose that explains why he ****ing sucked...again...

Completely, unequivocally, 100% Agree with ALL of item #13... and all of item #15 too.