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NEW ARTICLE: Matthew Judon Continues Social Media Recruitment, Reaches Out To OBJ

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Think we’d only get OBJ for half a year… and if we’re comfortable with that- I’d rather take a flyer on one of the Alabama WRs… not to say we can’t do both, but we’d really need to view OBJ as 2-3 year contract to get any real value… and now we’re talking about signing a player coming off a significant injury on the wrong side of 30. Not sure we’d offer him what he hopes to make.

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Practice Squad Player
Why would OBJ come here? He just won a ring that he didn't get to finish the game in the process of getting. No one thinks he wants to get another, and not watch the presentation from the training room?

I love Mac, but he isn't even a top 10 QB in the AFC right now. I just can't see OBJ coming here for any reason, especially on the tail end of his career.

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
OBJ basically said he wasn't interest in the post-Brady Patriots. The upcoming draft, which is plentiful with NFL starting-caliber receivers, is where the Patriots will find their true #1 WR. OBJ's #1 receiver days are probably over.