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Dec 12th
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captain stone

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7/15 on 3rd & 4th downs is Not "pretty good." It sucks, like the rest of this ****ing organization.

I must've been sipping my beer during all of these, but what plays exactly did Uncle Dugg make that were "just unreal"?
What's truly unreal is the lengths to which some people will go to justify that ****ing pick.

Mediocre Mac sucked yesterday, as did his inbred, incompetent ****ing coaches (no surprise there). Period.

Devante Parker was who I figured he was: another slow, broken-down vet who's here only for the paycheck and who will provide the bare minimum effort & not one bead of sweat more.


Jackoff Jones sucks too... And I'm not going to even mention Myles of Space, who at this point needs his own thread until he's finally sh!t-canned...
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