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Ha, I had forgotten about that Jeff Fisher blunder.


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ref JC Jackson. I hate it when pro athletes say "gotta feed the fam" when talking about their contract situation. I understand and believe everyone has the right to be paid what they are worth whether it be a businessman or pro athletes...but "gotta feed the fam" is kind of a slap in the face to people who actually work 3 jobs and struggle to feed their fam. I understand he needs to feed the fam, but damn, how much does that fam eat that he cant afford it on his salary. JC is going to be paid if he continues to play like he has.

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If Billy uses his first pick on Justin Fields, then he can forget about catching Shula.

Jeff Fisher can go to Hell...and then GFH upon his arrival...

Yeah I abhor the Feed the Family line too...It's insulting...and JCJack isn't a #1 CB either...But Bill needs to get both his & Gilmore's situations resolved before the draft...No excuse to have loose ends such as your two Starting Fukcing Cornerbacks remain untied that long...

I love statistics showing the J-E-T-E being duh J-E-T-E...

Just as Justin Fields isn't worthy of even #15 never mind a trade-up for him, none of Trask, Mills or Mond are worthy of #46.
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