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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
1) Yep, we might not know yet who will be our QB entering the draft, but what we do know is that he will very likely be here shortly after the free agency period begins...

2) I AM ATHLETE...Another program to which I will not be setting my DVR...I was made dumber just by reading that conversation, never mind listening to it...

3) Yeah Cam, Kneal wasn't the only one battered during the season...Many of us were also battered, watching you & Doughboy attempting to play football...

4) Mikey Silver states that John Schneider is the best GM in the league, because...he talks to him, unlike those bad old meanies in Houston, and by extension Foxborough...What a feckin jagoff.

5) DeShaun Watson at Exit 16W would spell last-place schedules for us for the rest of the decade.