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Must Read: NFL Lobbyists Go on Offensive - We should too

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Sep 12th

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As the players always remind us - the NFL is a business and this insight into the current lobbying being conducted by the NFL on issues ranging from pushing back on player safety and concussion responsibility and other matters related to the business of the NFL is worth a read.

This may actually be THE article the NFL doesn't want people to read. While its dropping bombs on the Patriots and re-claiming its perceived self-righteousness and headlines, the Owners lobbyists are pushing Congress hard on a number of issues

Of greatest interest to those who seek an NFL Ownership Group that is actually committed to FAIRNESS in the sport, is the Blumenthal Bill (D-CT)

This is a bill that the NFL lobbyists are working hard to defeat (note - the NFL is the only league to have a full time lobbyist. Actually the NFL has four full time lobbyists. The last thing Goodell and the Owners want is Congress forcing them to be fair or else their anti-trust exemption goes bye bye

But YOU can make your voice heard as loudly as these lobbyists - tell your own Senators and Reps to support the Blumenthal Bill to restore fairness to the NFL

One thing the NFL wants to protect in Washington: Its antitrust exemption, granted by Congress to football and the other major pro sports leagues allowing their teams to work and negotiate in concert, something most other industries can't do.

Although that longstanding waiver is not considered to be in jeopardy, its existence gives Washington lawmakers a toehold in trying to hold the NFL accountable on big issues like player safety and domestic violence.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), for example, has proposed a bill that would require congressional reviews every five years to make sure the pro football, baseball, hockey and basketball leagues are dealing appropriately with issues like bad behavior among athletes – otherwise they could lose the antitrust exemption

The thing about Congressional oversight and fairness - it requires that the NFL itself is fair - and we know - and as more and more professors and other horrified experts are noting - the NFL itself is blatantly UNFAIR

And if the NFL doesn't follow its own rules, how can they expect the players to do so?

And let's not forget that the NFL itself is always seeking taxpayer dollars for a billion dollar stadium or federal funds going towards highway projects to support the stadiums


I'd even urge Congress to compel the NFL to follow it's own NFL Constitution and Bylaws - which state very clearly in Article VIII:

Employment 8.1
The League shall select and employ a person of unquestioned integrity to serve as Commissioner of the League

Last I checked Roger Goodell had failed the "unquestioned integrity" test when he lied under oath to Judge Barbara Jones and of course now with a LONG line of lies and deceptions so well showcased by a Federal District Court Judge in a rebuking defeat of the NFL for being unfair

(Isn't it odd that that's the one rule the Owners WON'T follow?!)

In any event, don't write this off. NOW is the time to urge action and hold the NFL's feet to the fire to ensure that this sport is conducted in a fair manner. We and a growing number of independent voice know that the NFL under the current ownership and Roger Goodell is anything but fair.

Spread the word - push back against NFL lobbyists and support a bill to make the NFL be fair

Write Congress and urge them to support Senator Blumenthal's Sustained Promotion Of Responsibility In Team Sports (SPORTS) Act, which would sunset the four major professional sports leagues’ (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) permanent anti-trust exemption, and replace it with an every-five-years reauthorization conditioned on the leagues acting consistently with the public trust their special status requires.


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Distraction much? Yes, let's spend hours talking about the evil Patriots. Edit: I'm not clear this is what I think might be the NFL office's thinking.
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Nice post. You better believe this has the owners attention.

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Mixed feelings on this bill. Although I agree the NFL needs to be under the gun for real & relevant issues like concussions, and pretty much anything that irritates the piss out of the gang of 32 morons amuses me, I don't like stuff like antitrust review being open for the latest SJW or whatever trendy twits issue of the day.


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The pols will use this as a way to extract more $$$$$ from the people being regulated.

They copied this from the protection rackets run by the Mafia in the 20's.

Nice little league ya got there hate to see you lose your anti trust.

No good guys on either side, just crooks leveraging other crooks.
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