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Mac working out with receivers in Tampa

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Dec 7th


He/Him Supporter
Eh, this guy looks like a rail...


Photoshop. We all know what he really looks like, shirtless.

PatsFanInVa Supporter Supporter
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Very interested in Mac's past weight room work and current work. Would also like to know how long he worked with passing guru Tom House. Has anyone seen a difference in his throwing (improvement) at these throwing sessions? When will he be back in the weight room and are there any more sessions with Tom House?
So I'm not sure he's the wizard people say...

Edit: off-season. So. Bored.

Many things to do. No way to procrastinate. Day number...


Had he called Mack spaghetti arm he'd be in the no receptions doghouse. Wise WRs praise their QBs.
I expect a big step forward for Mack & his receiver corps this season. (OK, I'm a Homah)
They better be a step up.

Bills are a problem

Miami on paper got better

and the rest of the AFC is strong overall

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