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  1. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    OH OK than...I think a play that should be made is different from an easy play. You were closer to the play so maybe what I saw was not as big a deal as I think but Moss certainly had a hand in breaking it up so it wasn't a pure drop.

    I wouldn't worry about his hands as much as wether or not he is in position and breaking up plays. Look at our newbie Bryant, he has only 7 career picks and has made a real nice career for himself of being a solid defender. Yes the INT can change games but not getting torched is more important.
  2. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan TB12 = G.O.A.T. PatsFans.com Supporter

    Years like 2006 when we have to scratch and claw to score (relative to our current team, of course), INTs, especially those returned for a TD, are critical. While they're always nice, with an offense like we currently have just a stop, any stop, works for me as we have such a good chance to score anyway.
  3. Zeke_Mowatt

    Zeke_Mowatt Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    A batted pass on 3rd with a decent punt return could be just as effective as an int, especially if batting the pass leaves you less open to getting burned.
  4. signbabybrady

    signbabybrady Pro Bowl Player

    I think INTs especially those returned for TDs are critical in any year not sure it matters how much your offense scores. I mean honestly would it have meant more for the 99 Rams to get an INT for a TD or the Ravens the following year.

    I mean Chris Canty had 3 pics one year....Bryants career high is 2. Bryant is now a 8/9 year starter and Canty lasted what 4 or 5 (more than he should have).

    The best are lucky to get double digit INTs in a season but how many pass plays do they see all year. Coverage and deflections are more important than INTs. That doesn't take away from the value of the INT especially for a score.

    Its like the sack....It is a huge play but you can't sit here and say that the sack isnt an overrated statistic. A dlinemen is much more than the number of sacks he gets.
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  5. BelichickFan

    BelichickFan TB12 = G.O.A.T. PatsFans.com Supporter

    Just saying that with a 2000 Ravens offense if you make a stop, you're probably punting 3 downs later and it's like the stop never happened. An INT for a TD would mean everything to that team. The '99 Rams or the '07 Patriots ? A stop has a pretty good chance to result in the same thing as an INT returned for a TD.
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