It's just a fact (fan reactions versus realistic expectations)

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Dec 6th

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If your expectation watching sports is that anything less than a champsionship is a failure then you're going to spend most of your time miserable and disappointed. Either learn to accept that most of the time even the best teams are going to come up short of your expectation or in order to enjoy watching sports you might have to have a more reasonable standard. The most successful franchise in all of sports has 27 championships, about a 25% success rate. Good luck with that. Im pretty happy I follow teams that given me 7 championships the last 10 years. Do I wish it was 12? Sure do. But im not going to curse the Gods about how slighted I am. A few days ago I posted how I miss how the fanbase was 10 years ago. I didn't mean I wanted to go back and give beack the 3 titles in order to have people get a grip. I meant I wish the expectation level was such that people could get just excited about winning a game at the NY Jets 17-16 to go 7-5back and you look at the schedule and say, hey, we could make the playoffs!, and there would be this feeling that's been lost. If that happened most of us would be like, "yeah, so what, we'll probably choke up in the Super Bowl". I want the Patriots to compete for and win Super Bowls. I also want it to be fun. And I want to be able to talk with Boston sports fans and not hear how everything sucks all the time when it doesn't.
The Bruins might not repeat as Champions. Can you deal? When the Celtics acquired the big 3 we knew it was a short term run to win a title. Now the window has closed. Can you deal? The Red Sox broke the curse and won 2 championships. They didn't win 6. Can you deal with that? Take a deep breath. Relax. Try to enjoy the games.
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