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It Is Belichick Time

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Ochmed Jones

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Bb will do whatever it takes to add or subtract players if he thinks it will improve the team!

Finding improvements for defensive tackle, tight end and wide receiver should not be hard to find!

captain stone

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Let's see if these next 24-36 hours will indeed become Belichick Time...There's plenty of holes throughout this 53, but there are some players out there on the wire who might help fill some of them...Maybe Bill will try to claim some of them, or maybe he'll wait to see if they both go unclaimed and then not signed by anyone else...or maybe he won't...


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No one makes more transactions in the few days before and after the "final" cut to 53. he will make transactions all year. However, i expect lots between now and game time for Game 2. We could help at so many positions: WR, OT, TE, DT, LB, K.

Who are the players to be had that are any good?

The days of scooping up Corey Dillon or a Mike Vrabel are a distant memory. Regarding OT, Dante is no longer here to fix the OL misfit toys that the Pats bring home for free. WR talent has always been a issue even when BB was on top of his game. Brady was smart to get out and salvage the few years that he has remaining. Brady must look at this NE 2020 WR roster and know that he made the right choice.


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Imagine that. The GOAT coach and GM believes he can win with the team he built. I can't imagine where his confidence comes from? I mean, what has he ever done to make him think he can?

Youre in for a big shock.

Brady masked so many Patriots deficiencies. Just getting the ball away in seconds made the OL look like studs.

DarrylS Supporter Supporter
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There are those who will take any opportunity to denigrate BB who will be, when it is said and done, the greatest football coach of all time.. for myself will reserve judgement and see how things play out. 6 Superbowl wins + 9 AFC championships in 20 years is more evidence of how great he really is.

This team will be tweaked and retweaked several times in the upcoming weeks.. stay tuned.

Brady this and Brady that.. #12 has moved on and he will always be a great memory, but he chose warmer pastures.


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NFL veterans are salaries become guarented if they are on the roster for week one, so alot of the veteran acquisitions happen after week one to avoid that.


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Funny I thought Brady played QB. Bill is the the one coaching and masking deficiencies.

But hey if you want to believe BB had nothing to do with the last two decades then by all means be that guy.

Let me spell out the premise of this thread for you.

Its all about filling the holes on this roster, because in part of failure on draft day. WR has been a 5shitshow for nearly 20 years, but Brady made it work because he is the GOAT. Reality is about to slap you aside yo head.
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