Is a Healthy Galloway the Hidden Key to a Super Bowl Season?

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Dec 6th

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I agree, the OL is crucial (as it is for every team), but I'm trying to look beyond the obvious keys to success. I just don't know if there is one, single, under-the-radar player that can have as huge of an effect on this team as Galloway, yet no one is talking about him.

As far as the secondary as others mentioned, if the offense is routinely putting up 30+ pts, the secondary need only be average, which I believe it will be.

But you're right, if the OL isn't giving Brady any time, it's all moot. (Of course, you can say the same about every HS, college and pro football team out there ...)

Brady makes an OL (and receivers) look a whole lot better than they really are.


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I see no reazon that thuis edition of the Defense will not be considerably better than last season. And lsst season's Defense was not chopped liver,sspitre all the fans posting as if it was. Despite losing both starting OLBs to IR and the top draft pick there, as well, while the other OLB was having a poor year, the Defense still managed to finish Top Ten/Top Eight. And that was playing FOUR rookies and a new starter.:eek:

Not bad then and much better now. The differnce from "no pass rush " and "good pass rush" was all of 9 sacks. That's all folks. Having the starters back, and the roookies with a year of experience, can easily make up that 9 sacks.:D


AS a lot of other people have said, defense wins championships, and right now, i'll care more about having our (potential) 2nd CB, Shawn Springs be healthy, which is never is, than Galloway, our third WR option, after two all-star receivers.
A productive 40+ catch season from Greg Lewis would not hurt either

But the Pass Rush is the biggest hurdle without a known asset right now to get this team rolling all season down the road to the Super Bowl

Adalius Thomas and Richard Seymour are known assets. If AD can stay healthy, our pass rush will not suck. People seem to keep forgetting that.
The reality is, last season we were 11-5 and very unlucky to not get a shot at the SB. What cost us that was injuries all around the roster, and poor defensive work on 3rd downs and in the big games. What cost us 07 was the OL, and in my eyes greedy play to always pass rather than be balanced.

So the key this year? First and foremost a HEALTHY team. Secondly we need to be better on 3rd down.

Galloway is just another piece of play dough we now have to stretch defences and make it easier on ourselves to score. But if Brady goes down, it's gonna be a long season no matter what. And even if BB does what he does best, plug O'Connell in and scores points, if our Defence doesn't shine through/stay healthy we won't win anyway.



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Nope. It's the running game.

If the surprisingly ineffectual LoMo had broken a few runs in our last SB, the game's complexion could have been very different.

But he was armtackled--as it too much the case--into oblivion.
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