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If you could ask Josh to change one thing about how he calls a game, what would it be?

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Oct 24th

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I would like, for once, for Skippy McDaniels to call a pass on 1st and goal. I swear, going back eons McDaniels calls a run 9/10 on 1st and goal - whether it's from the 1 inch line or from the 9 1/2 yard line. It's always run, run, run...


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I have to first give him credit for being much much better compared to 2005 when he first started as interim OC. He's grown a lot. And learned how to make in-game adjustments. And much less predictable or stubborn than 15 years ago. I'd say he's one of the better OCs in the game now.

Still I wish the following:
- Don't pigeon-hole Cam Newton into this black running QB who can only throw 20 times a game while taking 10+ running hits a game. He isn't Jacoby Brissett, don't just use only the Jacoby playbook. Cam Newton can throw at an elite level and showed with Norv Turner he can be an elite pocket passer who can attack the medium and deep parts of the field.
- Show he can develop a receiving tight end. He inherited Rob Gronkowski after Bill O'Brien drafted and developed Gronk, Edelman, Hernandez. Even with totally depleted WRs in 05 and 06 he still didn't elevate TE Watson into offensive game plans. Didn't develop any TEs while in Denver or St Louis. Hasn't given athletic freak Asiasi a chance yet, at all, through 3 games.
- Not be so one dimensional on RBs. Sony Michel can catch too, but it seems he's only relegated, when White is available, to only running the ball which makes it easy for defenses to key in on tendencies. Fully unlocking both Michel and White (and Harris) can help Cam who is used to this from Carolina via McCaffrey in the backfield.
- Spoon feeding N'Keal Harry these hand-offs and 2 yard passes, isn't helping anybody.
- In general, maybe lay off the strong draft recommendations to use high draft picks on RBs or WRs. Have a little humility that whatever draft evaluation is happening when giving recommendations to Belichick (who listens to his staff), that McD doesn't have a good record on high draft pick recommendations at RB and WR, who end up being busts or drafted far too early.

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The red zone. This isn't specific to this year. Over the course of his career he's had some huge head scratchers and sometimes I'm calling out the play before the snap so I imagine the other team is all over it. Cam's sneak against Seattle the latest example. This isn't to say it's every time or even half the time but it does seem to happen frequently in the same game. I specifically wish he would spread them out and run more and pass out of tight formations as well. I feel the defense has a huge advantage knowing his intentions more in the redzone than outside of it. You would think he would want to use deception more in the RZ.


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Don't give up on the ground game early if it's not working. Too many times if the first 10 handoffs are getting stoned he gets too pass happy. Look at the Raiders game for the results if you stick with it and wear people out.

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I’d tell him he should have passed when they ran and it led to a negative result and that he should have ran when they passed and it led to a negative result.

so damn true. I swear it irks me to no end with the captain hindsight playcalling couch potatoes. Vs Seattle Cam running out of shotgun was the wrong playcall even though it was almost 100% effective up to that point. If he made it the narrative is very different, “they put the ball in their best players hands and dared them to stop it.”

Running on 1st down is a bad thing now. Only time its right for some fans is when it nets 5-10 yards. Never mind it helps set up playaction where you can disquise whether its going to be a run or pass on 2nd or 3rd down.
Btw up until week 3 the Pats are either the number 1 or 2 rushing team in the league. So lets change that and stop running on 1st down.

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I don't care that sometimes it works but running on 3rd and 5+ is infuriating. I get mad as soon as I see the ball handed off and I am mad the rest of the play even if it's a 70 yard TD


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Keep tweaking the run block schemes. Don’t let the league catch up with it.

quit pulling the guard on pass plays. It’s just asking for a free rusher to clobber Cam

protect Cam as if you expect him to play for us longer than even Brady.


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I'd tell him that for any passing play, the ball must travel beyond the line of scrimmage. On 3rd or 4th down passing plays, the ball MUST travel beyond the first down marker. Yea, screen passes sometimes work, but it seems like a lot of the passes behind the line get blown up too often or passes short of the first down marker end up staying short.
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