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Idle thoughts - The "on to Atlanta" edition.

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Nov 28th

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Thanks, Ken. Some notes on RB use and the context..

3. RB - Actually I think you have to be disappointed in this group's production, as neither White or Lewis had much impact in the passing game, and none of the RB's had any impact in the running game. (except for LGB's electrifying 4th quarter run) On the plus side, according to Bill, they all protected well.

Maybe great pass protection and 7/11 open receivers had something to do with “disappointing“ RB outing. To me it was a great gameplan. I bet Tomlin was “disappointed“ as well not to see more of RB comittee that he saw vs HOU. And if you're looking for some Lewis and White being ok just treat yourself to some last weeks highlights. To use your words:
You have to give credit to the Josh and his game plan, and the Steeler's and their deplorable defensive game plan. The coaching gap DID matter in this game.

I agree Lewis is not 100% what was last year but he's still quick and fast and elusive enough to make it happen when needed.

Re. Blount and the lost yd plays - I don't mind them at all anymore .. because we learned this year that sooner or later in the course of the game .. they turn into big plays when it matters. They are simply wearing the D down and if you're confident in your QB that all he needs is one or two downs .. it's actually a weapon too.

It takes a lot of effort to contain Blount every time - maybe most in the league - and as a consequence the rush is less fresh (esp. with no huddle no rotation) and that gives a little - but significant and very much underrated - edge to the OL and their pass protection.


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The Pats are back to the Super Bowl!

What a convincing win! (Insert sh*t-eating grin here!)

I think I threw my back out after leaping off the recliner during Blount's push to the goal line. This team is killing me. :D

Josh's easiest play call of the night was the immediate, ensuing Blount up the gut for the TD!

Epic goal line stand for the Defense! Is our Defense continuing to improve STILL! I can't imagine a better challenge than Atlanta for the finale.

Best weekend of officiating in years! Both games were handled very well.

And best of all, I think we escaped without major injuries!

BTW: Did you know that Hogan played Lacrosse in college?;)

Go Pats!

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Great work as always Ken. You've got a lot of followers waiting for these after the game.

One more post game to go and I'm hoping it's going to end on a high note.

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1. OL - Did anyone hear James Harrison's name called, No? How about Dupree? I didn't either. Timmons maybe? All had ZERO impact in the Pats passing game and only a few good plays each in the run game. I didn't think Harrison and Dupree would get past Solder and Cannon. No one else had this season, and they've seen a number of dual pass rush threats this season.

I don't know how many position coaches make the Hall of Fame, but Scarnecchia might merit some consideration.

b. Edelman didn't have the highlight real plays, but I thought he had a super game. His YAC was extraordinary. He broke a lot of tackles and made a lot of people miss.

I've noticed the last few weeks Edelman has added a neat wrinkle: He plays a little possum on the sideline then when the defender lets up he cuts a little in and adds another 10 to 20 yards. Did it once last night and I think once on a punt return last week.


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As a season ticket holder of many years, I have been to a lot of games at Gillette. This crowd was easily the loudest, and I was very happy not to get told to "sit down" even once the entire game :)

Due to the way a network sets the levels on crowd noise, it's always tough to tell from TV how loud the crowd is. Yet that was indeed the loudest I've ever heard the fans. Glad attendees agree.


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Was the lack of pass rush intentional?? As the focus was on taking away Bell and Brown, and even though Bell went down if you negate the run and Brown the Steelers O can pretty much be stymied.. occasionally they blitzed , but overall that part of the D was pretty vanilla.

One of the reasons CJ and Collins left. Its about containing not the splashing in the big boys game (chess).


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I posted this a few weeks ago and overall means nothing but still entertaining.

2001: Patriots beat an NFCW team with a recent SB victory at a site where the Pats have lost a previous SB coming down to the final seconds.
2002: NFCS plays AFCW and the underdogs beat the favored team with the MVP QB
2003: Patriots beat NFCS in Houston
2004: Patriots beat NFCE

2014: Patriots best NFCW team who has recently won a SB at a site the Pats have lost a previous SB. Game comes down to the final seconds.
2015: NFCS plays AFCW and the underdogs beat the favored team with the MVP QB
2016: Patriots beat NFCS team in Houston?
2017: More history repeating itself?

I think Atlanta's defense is much better than they were at the start of the season although I will say part of yesterday was Rodgers not being accurate, the receivers dropping a lot of passes and the turnovers. All that said I think this game is going to play out lower than people expect. 57.5 is pretty high.

The Patriots are pretty familiar with this defense having played Seattle this year and in the SB. Atlanta doesn't have the top end talent of Bennett, Sherman, Chancellor, Wagner and Thomas but they have a lot of up and coming players. I expect the Patriots will move the ball and Atlanta hasn't had a good red zone defense. If the Pats defense can hold ATL to FGs it will be huge. Additionally the line and run blocking has to be better than it has been in the playoffs.

The TB/BB Patriots are now 7-4 in the AFCCG. That equates to 10.1 victories in a 16 game season. If they can win the SB and be 5-2 that equates to 11.4 victories in a full season. That's against the best competition the league has to offer not the "Tomato Can" AFCE, not against easy divisional round foes like Jax or Houston.


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How loud was the stadium? It was as loud as I can remember from the TV

It was loud. Games like that put the "acoustics" argument to rest unless the stadium somehow defies physics from time to time. The crowd sounded awesome.

The RB's didn't have much of an impact in the passing game because Pittsburgh is actually pretty athletic at the LB position, Ken. Expect the same in the Super Bowl as all of Atlanta's LB's can cover. They actually may have the most athletic LB corps in the entire league. The Pats will instead "get big" and smash them with the running game, particularly if Hageman's injury is a nagging one that is still affecting him in two weeks.


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Belichick will be watching that Eagles/Falcons game this week, probably will even talk to Schwartz.

Held them to 15 points.

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I haven't had time to read through the whole thread, but I thought the offensive game plan was brilliant. First, we elect to receive the ball after winning the toss, going against everything the Pats have done since you were allowed to defer your choice to the 2nd half. Then we come out in the "no huddle" for the first three drives, with the obvious intent to get up early (and take Bell out of the game as an option, but that happened for us anyway), and wear them out fast. Then once we score a few times, we put in some razzle dazzle and burn them again! I was over at the Steelers board and they are lamenting that the Steelers played zone defense the entire time (which apparently they've done against the Pats for a long time with similar results) and never changed it up after repeatedly having receivers run free in the secondary.

They also thought the Brady sneak was a fumble and the refs' screw job took away a game-changing play. Huh? At the game as soon as we saw the replay (ball came out as Brady's elbow AND knee hit the ground, AND he and another Patriot fell on the ball first) we started thanking Mike Tomlin for wasting a time out. Just goes to show how each fan base wears homer-colored glasses when it comes to the refs. I appreciated the refs "just letting them play" rather than throwing a 1000 yellow flags.

Great crowd noise last night and great win by our team!!
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