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Humor: the real reason Belichick loves Mac Jones

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1960Pats Supporter Supporter
I can't wait to see him drop a snap on an important kick. That would be funny.


In the Starting Line-Up
I thought this was going to be about the Navy play he did at his Pro Day! Now if Mac Jones ever brings up lacrosse in Bill Belichick’s presence...

BB: “John, to hell with Jimmy. Let’s talk about your first rounder...”
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Practice Squad Player
It’s a joke, except for Cowboy fans who remember Tony Romo botching the hold and costing their team a playoff game.


Hall of Fame Poster
Like all the Alabama QBs post Namath and Bart Starr, Mac Jones will be a BUST.

They dont look so good when your team is not stocked with some of the best players in the NCAA. Alabama doesnt need a great QB with their teams. Just go out and dont lose the game for us. Everyone is good in the NFL where reality pays Alabama QBs a visit that always goes terribly wrong. Some Sucker GM will take Mac thinking we got us a real winner. Youll see.