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Dec 6th

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I agree but his facial expressions show he is battling pain and it is troubling because this is only the second game.
Edelman clearly still has a lot of gas left, but at age 34 we really need a #1 receiver to save up Edelman. Consider this, at age 34 Welker was playing his last season with the Rams where he had 13 catches for 102 yards...


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Cam has a much stronger arm than Brady. His deep passes don’t miss receivers. He gives people a chance. Of course being 12-13 years younger than your last QB makes a huge difference.
Jules left it all out on the field, we just need more productivity from our Running game. I kinda wish we sign Chubbs or Hunt...those guys could actually do the job, Sony just disappears all the times.
Sucks that we lost that game but I have hope this team gets better as the season goes on, also let’s not forget the defense is missing huge pieces due to opt outs. We need the next person to step up. Our secondary had a bad game this day.


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I am UK based so didn’t get to bed until 5am, started work at 9(home based), 96 emails in under 2 days and my boss is a Seattle fan. Yet I don’t feel bad that was a game and entertaining.


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Coming into the year I thought we would be around .500. Now I believe we have a legitimate shot to win the division and make the playoffs as is. If this team is able to swing a trade for a higher end TE or receiver and maybe an athletic LB for cheap that fell out of favor with their team (Hassan Riddick, Jarrad Davis?) then I think we have a shot to make a run.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
Seattle has much more talent than our team currently does so we shouldn’t be surprised we lost.

From the positive our team played hard and made Seattle earn this W. If James White was playing we may have just barely had enough fire power to win. Cam looked good, Edelman was playing out of his mind and I was impressed by Byrd.


Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job
No matter what was thrown their way, they never quit.

They earned my respect, and then some, last night.

This team plays hard, smart football. I am proud of them.
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Things I'd like to see for this year: a DL, LB, and a receiver if his name is OBJ (or someone of that caliber).

Going forward: Extend Newton.

The Pats showed a lot last night, but they could use a real playmaker in the front 7 on D to take some pressure off the DB's. Everyone is good, but a real threat pass rusher (Uche?) or a true run stuffer up front would help a lot.

Feeling better about Harry - that catch on the 2 at the end was superb and clutch. Hoping Gunner can give Jules a break. Hoping Harris helps in the backfield (White out last night hurt a lot against an aggressive front).

It's hard to be mad about last night (if they had gone right instead of that same play to the left, maybe with an option (JJ) trailing, I think they were in. But yeah, as was said about, same team, different cast.


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PatsFans.com Supporter
The Seahawks could be the best team in the NFC and the Pats went into their house and were one play away from winning. A lot of positives from last night. It isn't like they got blown out by the Jets.
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