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Green Bay kicking the field goal: a different perspective

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It was a gutless call. Rodgers had 50 total TDs this year. You need to trust him in that spot.

You also need to take into account who is on the other side. This isn't Jared Goff and the rams. It's tom brady 6 time superbowl champion countless game winning drives.

The Bucs going for it at the end of the half rather than kicking the FG and the packers kicking a FG rather than going for it was basically the game for both teams.
On the Packers 3rd down play, it looked like Rodgers had all green in front of him and that he could have advanced the ball very close to the end zone if not scoring a TD.

GB going on 4th and not making it, pins Brady in his endzone. Tampa Playcalling totally changes and the Bucs were not running the ball effectively IMO. Kicking the 3 points is no good because GB has to get down in the redzone again to get the other 5 points.

Arians did the right thing accepting the free 1st down. Anything could have happened to Tampa. A false start pushing them back to 2nd - 5, the Tampa Center had been having issues snapping the ball.