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Excellent Explaination of projected Comp picks by OTC

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They predcit that the Pats will get a 3rd for Brady
4th for Van Noy
4th (possibly) a 5th for Collins

They may get another 6th rd pick depending on how Beau Allen's contract is valued. If it is vauled as a 6th rd pick, they will not, if it is vauled as a 7th rd, then they will get another 6th rd pick for the loss of Danny Shelton. That Beau Allen signing has really paid dividends!

Click on the link for the cancellation chart for more details. But if you read the article, you can see what a complicated process it is.


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Good find @FreeTedWilliams

I had previously seen this from OTC, which breaks out the charts by each team.
- Essentially the loss of Danny Shelton was offset by signing Adrian Phillips (6th round value).
- The loss of Ted Karras was offset by signing Beau Allen (6th round value).
- At that time they were also projecting a 7th for Elandon Roberts but are now scratching that, offset by Damiere Byrd.
- They were also projecting a 7th for Nate Ebner; now scratched, too far down the list of potential comp picks.


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We deserve a 4th-round comp for Jamie Collins plus a 6th-rounder for signing Fat we'll be given one 5th-rounder...