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Sep 12th

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Other than last year, most Belichick coached teams have improved as the season went on. I'm hopeful that the Broncos game will be the Pats worst of the season. I expect improvements from the O line as they get healthier. I expect the defensive line and linebackers to improve as the young players get more reps.

With the amount of cap space the Pats will have next year I expect that this will be a competitive year, but the team will really take a big step forward next year with free-agent signings and trades.

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Started 1-2 in 2018. The team especially Brady played like absolute garbage against the Lions and were blown out. Imagine looking like ass against the freaking Lions? Yikes.
Should’ve added “after September”.

The Lions. Seems like former assistants have more success vs BB than other coaches.
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