Colts look great but...

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Sep 27th

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Ras-IR Dowling

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I agree. I love the coach and the direction of their franchise. With Luck being only 30 their fans vision of a rivalry with Luck and Mahomes is quite posssible for a spell.

Hopefully Brady wins a 6th.
He’s already 30? Those shoulder issues really robbed him of part of his prime as I don’t see him lasting anywhere close to brady.


In the Starting Line-Up
Still a year too soon for this squad i think, one playoff win is their max i think.

I like how they're building this team though, they're building inside out like you should unlike the old Colts who were all about the WRs and RBs.


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Well let's not forget Luck definitely has experience of winning in the postseason! Must we forget how they rolled into Denver and upset the Broncos in 2014!


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Colts are good but a little overrated by the media. They’re officially the media ordained “scary team” in the AFC:eek: