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Can we root for Mahomes now?

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Sep 24th


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Joe Montana played in a day and age where the real Super Bowl was the NFCCG, and that other game they played 2 weeks later was little more than a glorified exhibition game resulting in the beat down of whatever jabroni came out of the AFC.

Montana lost his share of playoff games, and looked quite atrocious in more than one. I remember one game where Jim Burt knocked Montana into the 21st Century.... IIRC the play was a pick 6

Nailed it. The Super Bowl used to be pathetic. The AFC was like a half-college team compared to the NFC teams. No salary cap should be a huge mark against Montana even though he remains #2 all time despite it.

Damn, just realized he never gets called the GOAT anymore. Sad Montana is sad.

We need a sequel to that commercial where he flashes all his rings with a Brady walk-in.

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Loving the Netflix Special with Mahomes. After making the city of Philadelphia sad he is my new hero.


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Watching the Quarterback series on Netflix. Mahomes is quickly earning more of my admiration. That dude is fired up on Gameday. The showdown with Crosby is pretty good stuff.

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