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Build Roster for Rookie Running QB??

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Here's my Dumb Question of the Week:

What if you build your roster to accommodate a "dual threat" QB on his rookie contract?


1. These QB's can be found lower in the draft (Lamar Jackson drafted #32), or worn out vets near minimum (see Newton, Cam...yuck).
2. Avoid crippling franchise QB salaries. Can build stronger roster overall.
3. Buys you time to find a true franchise QB without burning multiple 1st round picks.
4. They typically have a short shelf life, so you jettison/trade before or at end of rookie contract and draft the next one.

This would be McDaniels wet dream scenario.
I think BB wants to show you can win w/o a high dollar "franchise QB" by shunting more assets into the defense, offensive line, and running game.

Am I high, or does this make a little bit of sense?

What would this roster look like?
TE-centric with a strong running game, quality 3rd down back, and assets/versatility on O-line?
I'll wait for you guru's that know much more than me to see if I'm talking out my butt.


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Well, it would certainly give more insight into their re-signing of and enthusiasm for Cam. If you're building that kind of roster (which they kind of are), you'd want two QB's whose skill sets both match the supporting cast.


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I just don't think that is how it works. If you find the right guy, you build around him as long as possible. The last one was 20 years until he wanted out. If you find a great thing, you stick with it. If you limit yourself to one offensive skillset type, you handicap yourself. I think Zach Wilson is the best QB in this draft. If we had a chance to get him (I am not saying we do), we don't pass on that chance based on him not being a dual-threat. That just sounds silly to me. Second, even though dual-threat QBs are exciting to watch, what system or what team has employed them successfully in the long term? We see flashes of Cam when younger, Mike Vick, or Randall Cunningham, but wins/championships were not sustainable over time with them. Third, the dual-threat QB is a fad because of the talent right now. Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, or Kyler Murray are pretty unique/freak athletes. I am not sure if RW is a dual-threat because he wants to be, but has to be because of his bad o-line and bad habit of no longer staying in the pocket even when he has good protection. You find a guy who can lead your franchise and you build around him.


I am not a fan of dual threat QBs because most of them lack what is needed upstairs. But if you are looking for a stop gap well I guess thats ok. But you have to retool the entire offense for it. Dual threat QBs still feel like a gimmick to me. I mean you want some mobility back there but a guy that tucks and runs on the regular is not too enticing to me.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
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It's been a while, but the Steelers played a season with Kordell Stewart and I think they went to the AFC Championship... can't remember who beat them.

We could definitely be a championship caliber team with a superior defense, offensive line, and rookie dual threat quarterback. Not sure we want a day three dual threat QB. Big difference between the ceiling for Trey Lance and Jamie Newman, but Newman could be developed for a system.