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Bucket List: Pats vs Browns Tailgate? (10/27)

Current Patriots Twitter Feed:


Hey Pats Fans!

I’m more of a fan of the game of football than anything else. I’m embarking on a bucket list journey to see a pro football game in every stadium in the country, rooting for the home team. I’d love to chat with some real fans, learn some local stadium and team traditions, and post lots of pics and video on social media.

I’ve picked the Pats as my first team, I just gotta see the Champs and the Goat with my own eyes before he retires. And visit the beautiful city of Boston.

I’m flying up from El Paso, Texas for the Browns game on 10/27.

I will be traveling solo. Anyone willing to let me crash a tailgate party and record some memories? I’m willing to bring things and/or pay.

Thank you!