Browns Fire Hue Jackson

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I think he is an atrocious coach, and I am not just saying that because of his record... but the timing of this seems strange to me.... He survived the winless season, and they are having their best year since 2014.

If I'm a Browns fan, I'd be ecstatic. My fear would have been that they stumbled to 4 or 5 wins this year and he survived another year.

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I was actually saying, just this weekend, that Jackson wouldn't get fired during the season, because the Browns would just wait until the season was over and have a clean slate, rather than having to either hire when the talent pool is limited or using an interim coach.

So this sure doesn't help my prediction success rate.


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Adam Schefter was saying this morning how previous Browns' coaches were fired after playing Steelers for the second time in each season.

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I'm sorry to hear this about my first NFL team. The fans of Cleveland deserve better. I'm sure the future would have been much better had they kept Belichick and the team there.