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Dec 6th

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Hey Guys,

I am not necessarily new on the forum, but I finally decided to register and actually contribute. I am a pretty big Boston Sports fan. My teams in order of how much I like them are: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Revolution.

I was actually raised in California, but do not hold it against me. I despise LA and Boston is my favorite city(Screw NY bunch of egotistical jerks). I love being called a band wagoner. I started cheering for the Patriots because I was attracted to the symbol as a kid. I was raised a cowboy's fan because my dad is from Texas and I was born there, but I got disinterested in football and when I started watching again I just liked the Pats symbol. At that time they had 1 superbowl win and I had no idea they had it(I'm 18 do the math..I wasn't very old to say the least). As for Celtics I never understood how I was a bandwagoner as the Lakers were winning championships back to back as I was against them. The Angels just swept the Red Sox and yet I still seem to have sticked with Boston not to mention I use to hate baseball until the Red Sox got me into it. As for the Bruins well no need for the explanation there or the revolution.

I owe alot to Boston and the New England area and I am moving there as soon as I am finished with my degree ;). If it wasn't for them I would have never gotten into the two great American pastimes.

Long intro, but what the heck thanks for having me guys.
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