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Belichick and Brady 9 AFCCG

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Oct 24th

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In a league that loves parity, Belichick and Brady led Patriots have been to 9 AFCCG That's unheard of. Greatest coach of all time and GOAT at QB

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It is unbelievable that they have gone 0 for 5 in winning the SB since 2006. Some of those teams had flaws that made it a miracle to even get to the AFCCG, but they certainly have had their share of bad luck.

2006: Flu and "face guarding".
2007: Neal , two missed ints, Tyree, Junior Seau's insistence on an all-out blitz on the Burress play
2011: Intentional grounding on a pass thrown down the middle of the field, Welker, Gronk injury
2012: Gronk injury II, Ridley KO
2013: Gronk injury III, getting jobbed in the game at the Meadowlands to lose HFA
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