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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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ICYMI - The roster turnover since then on the Patriots illustrates why NFL can be short for Not For Long.

Patriots have achieved tough task of earning Bill Belichick's respect, as coach tips his cap to players. #Patriots

@ryjacques U watch stupid. they pay nfl because you watch. so stop watching. do us both a favor.

@rtmcnamara @ryjacques Then why you writing to me? I didn't write u.

@ricked82 Not that I've heard of. I doubt it.

👀👀👀👀 this was my show back in the day lol

@PeterIBreen it's weird because he knows football. Just a strange blind spot

@ricked82 By every statistical measure, any analytic, Ryan and Brady were 1-2 this season.

RT @MiamiHEAT: #HEATwin ! Your @MiamiHEAT defeat the Golden State Warriors 105-102 for their 4th consecutive victory! #HEATwin https://t.c…

RT @PlayersTribune: "Pats fans y’all are spoiled. Yeah, I said it. Spoiled. Winning will do that."

@MarcusPapas he whiffed on at least back-to-back plays, but I haven't gotten there yet

Did you know that Mike was asked to coach? 92. ... 93. ...

Patriots knew exactly how Steelers would react, to the point that Edelman never stopped moving, started walking to new spot.

RT @SportsCenter: Tom Brady is on the cover for ESPN The Magazine's Super Bowl Preview Issue.

That was the Patriots toying with, out-coaching the Steelers. One team was playing chess, other checkers.

Aug 10th Monday PM Session Photographs

Discussion in 'Patriots 2009 Training Camp Reports and Photos' started by PatsWickedPissah, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. PatsWickedPissah

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    Flickr: philw1776's Photostream

    Fun session with TEs and RBs 1 on 1 against LBs

    Brady picked at the goal line on a 55 yd attempt

    Newbie Oakland OLB runs a lap for off sides

    Yates & Hochstein take a lap for false start & 2 plays thereafter entire OL false starts and takes a lap.

    The Crab returned. Looks very spindly on those legs.

    Session closes on goal line stance where loser takes a lap. Brady tosses the TD and the D takes the lap. Brady celebrates like he won his 4th ring.
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  2. Frezo

    Frezo In the Starting Line-Up

    Well the football photos are cool, but that's one heck of a family you got there mister! The kids are adorable. Nice Dec storm image. Here's mine.
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  3. pats1

    pats1 Moderator Supporter

    That's nothing compared to northern Worcester county. :)
  4. Frezo

    Frezo In the Starting Line-Up

    Yeah, that area got hit hard. Imagine if there was a game going on in Foxboro during something like that? Break out the cleat/skates!
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