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5 Patriots Thoughts After Their Win Over the Panthers

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Sep 12th

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In the Starting Line-Up
Honestly I'm glad to see Stidham out there taking his lumps now. The team has decided to get a really good look at him, and see his strengths and weaknesses against live competition. He's raw, just out of college, so of course he's making mistakes, but then learning from those mistakes. After the fumble he came back out and had 2 good drives where he kept his mental errors to a minimum. I'd rather see that coachability than have Stidham put up a clinic out there.

Some folks are gonna disagree with this but I think the kid is ready to be the QB2, especially on a team that doesn't actually plan on using its QB2 very much. He's shown to have talent and a good head on his shoulders. I'd be happy to see him learn from the best QB who ever played and see what comes of that. I think we might all be pleasantly impressed.
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