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Alamo's Predict The Score 2023 Alamo's Predict the Score Contest: Week 7 - NE vs BUF

Pats 23
Bildos 20
what's that saying ... not throwing good money after bad? I can never get that straight.
Bills 35
Pats 14
Pats 20
Jills 17
Ties are not an option? Hmmmm

Pats 22
Billshits 22

Pats with a TD and five field goals. Billshits with a Pick Six, a field goal and six safeties.
Bills 38
Pats 18

The offense keeps the dream for top 2 pick alive, one week at a time.
Pats 20
Bills 19
BUF 26
NEP 17
Bills 31
Patriots 13
I doubt they will win but I can not pick against them 21 20 pats
Bills 27
Billdos 27, Pooptriots 17
Bills 35
Patriots 13
They have too many advantages both sides of the ball and we don’t….and have 20 players on injury report….

Jills 27
Pats 16
Bills 28
Patriots 13

It's not even going to feel that close. Maybe we get a garbage time score to make it look closer than it was. I expect Mac Jones to throw his usual CRINGE inducing pick SIX to start the game off on the wrong foot as usual!
13-14, Patriots win (optimistic Patriot fan here, the rest of you can be RIGHT)
Pats 28
Bilbos 27
Buffablow Bills 31

NE Patsies 13
Buf 24

Ne 13
34-7 Buf

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