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2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

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Sep 12th

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PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter
I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that Harry is 100 times as valuable as Wilson right now. It takes entirely irrational feelings about Harry to prefer the guy who ended up on the covid list for breaking protocol to party with college students, reported to camp significantly overweight, jumped off a balcony to run away from cops while breaking covid rules at a college party a second time, got a DUI doing burnouts at an intersection and blowing .107 the Friday before the season opener, got absolutely blown up while attempting to block on a field goal on one of his four snaps this season, was suspended by the Titans for an undisclosed violation of team rules, and then was placed on the non-football illness list. I'll even give him a pass on the NYE party with strippers on a boat, but then just a couple weeks ago we got this out of him...

(Source for all that)
Let he who is without sin....


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
No. I disagree with your ridiculous evaluations of the O-line players..
I tend to speak in hyperbole to make a point so I can't fault you there . Mankins was still a beast for the Bucs but he wasn't John Hannah either


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I think Herron has potential , needs to get more game time. He should have a higher potential than JE ??

long distance

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Cousin, The better option might be Orlando Brown Jr. of the Ravens. He is adament about playing LT and the Ravnes want him at RT. I proposed a trade of our RT Cannon and a 4th or 5th for the younger Brown. There are better CAP rewards for us as well with Cannon at $9.5mm. Wynn might be a better RT.
DW Toys

Let me see if i understand this correctly:
BB trades for a RT who tells him he only wants to play LT where Pats have a better one they took over Brown in the same Draft?
And Ravens trade their young tackle after solid season for a 33y old opt-out (that mentally retired imt) to lose 3,5M cap in a tight cap situation & loads of own top FAs?


I'm getting my res at Dorsia Supporter
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Great, let's blow 16 million of our cap on a head case coming off a major leg injury.

Absolutely no thanks.
I wouldn't do the trade either because they don't have a QB, they have a ton of needs and we don't know how OBJ will recover. I was just making the example that if you're going to trade Gilmore, get equal level of talent.

captain stone

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Agreed. Herron was a find last year who went under the radar because Onwenu was REALLY a find!
Herron sucked at LT last season after Wynn was injured, as did Elmanure...though in the latter's case he has at least shown to be a starting-caliber RG or RT...Herron's an easily replaceable practice squad talent, no more.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Texans fans have never liked Martin, but they've hated him ever since he cost them the week 13 game against the Colts by turning the ball over with a bad snap two yards away from the tying touchdown (PAT to lead) with a minute and a half left.

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