2014 NBA Draft Prospects Overrated?

Discussion in 'Boston Celtics Fan Forum' started by DropKickFlutie, Mar 26, 2014.

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    Before this college bball season people were saying that Wiggins may be as good as LeBron was and that the 2014 class may rival the epic 2003 draft class with LeBron, Wade, Bosh, etc. With March Madness a lot of these top prospects were upset in Round1 didn't play well against lower seeded teams. Wiggins had a half dozen points and played scared. Jabari Parker had a poor game in a huge Mercer upset (how many elite prospects get booted in round1 to a team like Mercer?). Embiid continues to have back issues, plus didn't even score more than 10 a game in college. Julius Randall has played okay but he's a limited bruiser-type of player.
  2. IcyPatriot

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    There quality and difference near the top ...

    However ... the Celtics #1 issue is their lack of a true center ...

    I expect Ainge to do what is needed to get Embid.

    Parker and Randle and wiggins would look great in green but with no center they will be a borderline playoff team year after year.
  3. SalemPats

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    I think Parker and Wiggins are exceptional. Wiggins is a kid, but his quickness and skills are ridiculous. Parker will be a big scorer in this league. Both should be taken if we get the chance. Randle reminds me of Randolph and if we drop to 4 or 5 I would love to have him. I don't know enough about The Arizona kid or the one in Australia. Emblid in my opinion will go 3, but i'm not sold on him
  4. DropKickFlutie

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    Parker lost in the 1st round of March Madness. How many great NBA pros didn't even make it to round2 from a major conference college team?
    Wiggins disappeared in the tournament as well with 4 points.
    Embiid right now is more like a Marcus Camby. His offensive game is very limited and raw.
  5. SalemPats

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    NCAA is a guard league with the long shot clock and shorter 3 point line. Anthony Davis is the next great big man, and he was awesome in college but the pro's really brought the best of him. I think Wiggins is a pro-type player. This is a great job, Wiggins is a freak, Parker is a very good scoring shooting guard, Emblid is a solid center, Randle reminds me of a young Zack Randolph, I haven't seen Exum play and just a bit from Gordon.

    The only thing i really don't like is that a lot of these guys are not physically/mentally ready at 19. It's going to take 3-4 years to develop them, which means the standings as they are now will be like that for the next couple of years.
  6. captain insano

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    lots of players leaving school early and entering the draft. more for the celtics to choose from.

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