2009 NFL blackout chances

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Dec 6th

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Ticket sales on the decline

Definetly, say you lower ticket prices by 20%, in some cities like Detroit or Jacksonville you might 10% more tickets sold. That covers most of the cost, and those extra 10% have to pay for parking, for food, drinks and maybe some merchandise sales.

Its a win-win situation.
That's my first thought as well - maybe even a 'buy a ticket to this game, get a ticket to this other game free' deal. Something is better than nothing plus you're going to make money off parking and concessions.

The only problem with that though, is how are the fans who paid full price going to react? Season ticket holders not only paid full price, but also had to buy tickets to two preseason games; they're not going to be very happy with discount ticket promotions. The team that does this risks alienating its best customers in an attempt to gain new customers - new customers that have nowhere near as much passion and loyalty as those that are currently spending more money.


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Okay, now that I finally have a chance to comment on this...

Blackouts made sense back in the day, but these days with the outrageous ticket prices I think their time has passed. But where I live I don't have to worry about it anyway. ;) And this year they should definitely be lifted. Course some cities never sell out no matter what.
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