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SOURCE:Providence Journal

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Canton Bound?
If Vince Wilfork retires from football, Steve Balestrieri believes Canton should be the veteran defensive tackle's next stop.

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RT @ChrisWesseling: Found this interesting from @NFLResearch: Malcolm Butler doesn’t shadow top WRs except Antonio Brown. Held him to 57.4…

"That dude is something else": Malcolm Butler vs. Antonio Brown should once again be a treat to watch. #Patriots

RT @The2020: @jumbohart opening 15 minutes of yesterday's pfw is your ammo for a pay rise!

RT @zac_owenz: @Fred_Kirsch @pfwpaul first 20 mins of yesterday's show is probably the worst I've heard, show falls apart without @JumboHart

RT @JonCouture: Couldn't really tell you whether Claude Julien should be fired. But I'm sick as hell of hearing how he absolutely, positive…

Big Sexy! C'mon, Colon gave the 2002 #expos a 10-4 record in 17 starts. ("C'mon, Colon" has a nice ring to it. Like…

@sae244532 I don't know. A woman/mother is dead, and it sure seems like Jerry Remy factored into that. It ends there for me.

@olddroolingdog I just want to hear Eck more, and I can't get past the enabling of his son. I just can't.

That feeling when you're reminded we have the smartest listeners out there. @tomecurran @adamhart

RT @CSNNE: Why did Brady seem so angry on Wednesday? @JeffPHowe and @CSNFelger discussed on Sports Tonight #Patriots

Should you listen to the Quick Slants pod now or first thing in the morning? That's not for me to say, but I want y…

Bruins obviously need another mental health day.

RT @SportsTalk790: ICYMI, SI's @GregABedard Joined @adamclanton & @RealSeanJones to Talk Texans as They Head into the Offseason https://t.c…

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