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  1. WinstonSmith

    Curran: NO WAY Pats go into season with just Cam and Stidham

    So the Pats will take a QB in the 4th round or lower, or maybe Jimmy or someone of his ilk? Tom is going way out on a limb for this one...
  2. WinstonSmith

    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    Yes, even the top 2 QB prospects are candidates and are not guaranteed to succeed, I made the distinction to illustrate that in my opinion the top 2 candidates have a low enough risk level and a high enough ceiling to make them worth a bundle in draft capital. After the 2nd QB, or now...
  3. WinstonSmith

    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    It's not a cop out, after the first two picks the QBs that are left, in my opinion, are talented "candidates" with upside, but not worth the risk of expending the huge draft capital needed to move from 15.
  4. WinstonSmith

    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    By moving to 4 you are not getting a QBOTF, you are getting a QBOTF candidate, that may or may not develop into QBOTF. You might be able to get said QBOTF slightly later in the draft and save draft capital in a draft that is rich in prospects at non QB positions of need for the Pats.
  5. WinstonSmith

    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    Sure, but maybe mortgaging the entire draft (or the equivalent of) for a guy that's available at 4, who's far from a sure thing and a reach at 4, might not be the best play... especially if the Pats can wait to see if the QBOTF can be secured with a less costly smaller move up.
  6. WinstonSmith

    If We Pick At 15

    Indecency and crimes against humanity for going topless in public?
  7. WinstonSmith

    OT- Amazon considering zero play by play NFL broadcasts

    I wish that you could choose the video broadcast and have an all 22/stadium perspective option.
  8. WinstonSmith

    BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

    It's definitely an interesting correlation, but I'm more interested in who are the pencil necks that made a NFL team with a 14 inch neck...and are they currently paralyzed or worse.
  9. WinstonSmith

    My contribution to a Patriots' Championship

    And more clutch than Welker...
  10. WinstonSmith

    Yates: C Dustin Woodard re-instated to active roster

    Working at Walmart will have that effect on a man
  11. WinstonSmith

    OT: Can we talk about John Mara's face?

    Is it just me or could he be Beavis' dad? Beavis would have been 13-14 in 92 so the timeline matches up...
  12. WinstonSmith

    NEW ARTICLE: VIDEO: Watch Damien Harris Try To Pronounce The Names of Massachusetts Towns

    Thank you for this public service announcement. I don't often say Amherst, but when I do I say it phonetically...
  13. WinstonSmith

    True love - Brady and Endelman part 2

    The way that some media have Unfortunately, especially with older players with a lot of millage, old injuries can flare into career ending/life altering injuries. I hope that the reports of his knee joint being bone on bone and that his knee injury is so bad that he might miss a large chunk of...
  14. WinstonSmith

    James White re-signing with Patriots

    And he doesn't have high mileage...and it's a one year deal.
  15. WinstonSmith

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

    From Miguel: After learning the details of the Raekwon McMillan and Montravius Adams deals my new Patriots salary cap space number is $13,327,366,