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  1. PatsSox363804

    ESPN plans a nine-episode series, called Man in the Arena, on TB

    I’m looking forward to this although Brady doing it while still playing makes me wonder if we’ll get as much insight as we would if he were retired and also makes me wonder if Belichick will contribute with Tom being an active player on another team. A 10 part story of the Pats dynasty told by...
  2. PatsSox363804

    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    I watched the clip of him with Steve Burton and he seems sincere. His teammates at Marshall haven't said anything negative about him. Kid deserves a chance, put the pitchforks down.
  3. PatsSox363804

    Pats to Unveil New Uniforms on Patriots Day

    I don't know why they kept the silver helmets if the color rush are going to be the primaries, white helmets would be better and allow them to do the Pat Patriot throwbacks on occasion.
  4. PatsSox363804

    OT: Sox Fire Cora

    The buzzer thing seems like the “Pats taped the Rams walkthrough” of this scandal. It is throwing something crazy out there that is likely untrue, will never be proven one way or the other, and in 10 years people will say “remember when the Astros wore buzzers in the World Series?” As if it’s...
  5. PatsSox363804

    KC Chiefs vs Houston Texans

    Do Mahomes and Jackson suck too or does only Brady get the blame when his receivers drop passes?
  6. PatsSox363804

    Brady named to NFL 100 All-Time team

    They kept talking about how he did everything from game planning to running the offense himself and directing practice, etc and I’m listening to that thinking “doesn’t that make his crap playoff record worse?”
  7. PatsSox363804

    Brady named to NFL 100 All-Time team

    It’s honestly hard to blame Brees for most of those losses, his defense failed him a bunch of times at the end of the game, I mean Christ look at the Minnesota game. Then you have the 49er game in 2013 where the defense let Alex Smith march the field on them in the 4th quarter twice and the...
  8. PatsSox363804

    Brady named to NFL 100 All-Time team

    I have to say that every time I go to Saints report the first page had 4-5 threads about Brady or the Pats and it’s always the same 4 idiots spouting nonsense. Let’s not act like this board is in any way worse than what we see there. Sure there are posters that comment on Brees, he’s the closest...
  9. PatsSox363804

    Poll: Will Brady break Manning's TD record before Brees?

    Brees will break it Monday night against the Colts at home, no doubt in my mind. I don't think Brady will have 4 TD passes against Cincy unless the line suddenly remembers how to block and the receivers figure out how to get open.
  10. PatsSox363804

    Penalties being considered for the Pats - UPDATED 1/1/2020

    The press box is behind the visitors bench there so were they taping the backs of the Bengals coaches? Would be odd.
  11. PatsSox363804

    Omg look at this guy Jersey collection!!!

    I hope he bought it for 53.80 to match Sissons FG%
  12. PatsSox363804

    Omg look at this guy Jersey collection!!!

    It's hilarious. I fondly remember being in gym class in 7th grade and calling out "Missin Sisson" and purposely shanking the ball as badly as I could. Given the choices its absolutely the one I would go with.
  13. PatsSox363804

    Super Bowl 51...Did you know?

    Amendola's 2 point conversion. It went from "no way we're winning this" to "no way we're losing this" with that play. I remember after the game I looked at my brother and said "can you believe that's actually the largest margin of victory in the 5 Superbowls?" Just an unbelievable turn of events.
  14. PatsSox363804

    Giants Fan Arrested For Terrorism Threats Againts Patriot's Fans

    Of all teams you'd think the friggin Giants fans wouldn't react that way towards the Pats.
  15. PatsSox363804

    Let's check in with our friendly Steeler fans (Merged: Other Team Forums React (AB - Patriots))

    This is just a shockingly bad take considering he’s talking about a team that employed Kareem Hunt and continues to employ Tyreek Hill but people just lose their damn minds when it comes to the Patriots.