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    One of the most interesting aspects of reading through all the threads and seeing how people feel about the Pats is that we are actually more excited about signing our own FA's then going out and getting someone new (for the most part).

    Most fans right now of other teams in the league are talking about the great new FA's they're getting. I think it's safe to say that we would be cheering like those fans are now, if we are able to sign Givens, Willie, and Adam. More proof for me that we are definitely still a Superbowl caliber team.
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    Absolutely! This tell me 2 other things. First, that we believe that there is no better option at WR, OLB and K than Givens, Willie and Adam. Sure, we've all (myself included) tried to rationalize how guys like Longwell and Jeruvicious would probably match the day to day production of our free agents. If they do re-sign, we know we're getting the best players available.

    What the speculated Givens deal would tell me is that our players are willing to stay here for less, so long as our offer is competitive. That is a sign of a true team.

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