The Pats version of Ricky Williams

Discussion in ' - Patriots Fan Forum' started by Aqua4Ever04, Jun 30, 2006.

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  2. mavfan2390

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    Yep, only difference is we don't rely on ours for 162 carries.
  3. PatsFanInEaglesLand

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    Except Sullivan not being here, won't hurt our team, like not having Williams will hurt the Dolphins.

    I forgot, you have Cullpepper now, so I guess it is 19-0 for you guys:rofl:
  4. mgcolby

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    You mean the anchor of our buffet line?

    I hear that the guys are actually happy about this, because the buffet options will no longer be limited due to some people's over indulgence. He reaked havoc on the buffet table during his one and only mini-camp with the Pats!
  5. Aqua4Ever04

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    I will add you to the line of people I will be feeding a big heaping plate of crow after the Fins win the East.
  6. mgcolby

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    You have some lofty expectations. Tell me what changed from last year that has you so excited? Culpepper? He looked pretty weak without Moss actually he looked horrible! I agree he can't be any worse than what you had at QB last year so it is an improvement, but you have an inexperienced secondary and an aging if not old D-Line and your LB's are old. So your defense didn't improve, your offense lost the hemp master and you have a second year guy that will now have to carry the entire load, Clayton is a good reciever and I don't know much about your line. But seriously they over achieved last year and with a weaker schedule this year I can see you guys going 9-7 or 10-6 but you will be 3-5 games from winning the AFC east!
  7. Keegs

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    This is one of the dumbest things i have ever read. You are either ignorant or this is a weak troll attempt.

    I'm guessing you are just doing this to see how many responses you get to your outlandish post designed to irritate pats fans.

    You're an idiot.
  8. Aqua4Ever04

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    Well you lost all your credibility with that right there. Who the hell is Clayton? God learn about our team before you start spouting off.

    As for the Culpepper was made by Moss argument, you can just stop right there. When Culpepper had his best year in 2004, Moss was absent for several games. He didn't dress for 3, and had very limited action in 3 others. That year Pepper threw 39 TDs compared to 11 INTs. Moss only had 12 TDs that season. Also, what exactly did Moss do to Kerry Collins? Shouldn't he have become a pro bowler because he had Moss? Oh wait, Collins lost his starting job, and eventually got cut. So shutup with that argument!:bricks:

    Every year I hear that our defense is old, but yet our 2 "OLD GUYS" make the pro bowl every year. Thomas is a top 3 LB in the league and Taylor is a top 3 DLman in the league. Carter, Holliday and Roth are all good line man and Crowder may be one of the best young LBs in the game. Our secondary is MUCH improved with the 2 Allens, Poole, Hill and Daniels.

    If you really think you will win the divison by 3-5 games, you are out of your mind! Wow you are ridiculous! The Fins will win about 11 and the Pats will win about 10. That was the weakest argument I've ever seen!
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  9. Hok

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    I must've missed the part where signed Sullivan to a huge contract and asked him to play a pivotal role on our team.
  10. Jacky Roberts

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    Don't mind if I save this quote for my signature to be used starting in mid-December. LOL!
  11. sarge

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    Or walked away with 8 million in signing bonus.

    Sullivan has played how many downs for the Pats???

    The Pats can cut him easily and never look back!

    Worse case scenario, he cost the Pats a player who by all accounts would not have made the team anyway!
  12. CrazyDave

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    Not too stong an argument .
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  13. PatsFanInEaglesLand

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    You know that you really where 3 games back last year, and we had so many injuries, The Dolphin are not better in any postion, player or coach, than this Patriots team.
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  14. RayClay

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    True or not, he certainly didn't cost like R.W.,3783,5104606,00.html

    "The Saints traded Williams to Miami for draft picks: a first-round choice in 2002 and a third-rounder in 2003 that could escalate to a first-rounder if Williams rushes for 1,500 yards this year." He did BTW.

    Ohhhhh 2 first round picks. That had to hurt!:bricks:
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  15. mgcolby

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    Sorry thought you guys had Mark Clayton for some reason, but you should be a little more realistic about your team before you start spouting off!

    You are comparing apples to oranges, Collins is done and Oakland just flat out sucked. Anyway you shake it Culpepper sucked last year and Brad Johnson had to come in to save the season. So if it wasn't the loss of Moss than it must be he just sucks! Are you too stupid to realize I was giving him an excuse?

    Well I really don't give a **** what you hear every year, your D is old this year. You can't deny that and the only place it is young is the Secondary and that is not neccassarily a good thing as you only have one player with any experience back there and he got cut by the Giants and who did they replace him with? Then you center your argument around a D line that is old and was 17 against the run last year. Crowder is good and I think he will have a big year. But I am really interested to know how your D Line is a year older and yet you expect them to be better than they were last year? Where did they improve? Wright? He may make some 300 pound O lineman feel sorry for him when he starts crying, that might help a little.

    That Line will have to face the Steelers,Patriots, Packers, Bears, Chiefs and the Jags teams that all have big running games, that is 7 games that your D line is going to have to stop the run, something they didn't do very well last year!

    This just shows your utter stupidity. The Pats won 10 games last year with a brutal schedule and while being decimated by injuries. It would have been 11 but your cast of pro bowlers held off our second stringers to get a close hard fought victory. The Pats are healthy Bruschi will get a full TC in, Harrison should be back by week 6 and the AFC east schedule is nothing compared to last years. The Pats should win at least 12 but could pull out 14.

    The sad part is you actually believe all the BS that you wrote above and felt I was an idiot because I mistakenly put a reciever on your team that you didn't know played in the NFL. So I was actually giving your recieving group to much credit. Sorry I don't know more about your team than you do.
  16. sieglo

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    When will that be? 2015?
  17. fgssand

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    Maybe it is time for you to put your money where your mouth is Mr." 2006 Dolphins will be the greatest ever"?


    In my opinion, you have a good coach that seems to on his way to success, following a decent rookie year. The Dolphins do have some very good players, one good running back and a QB that may do OK in your system, but the fact is he has never won anything significant. You have a good but aging defense, that played to the level of your record last year - a little above 500.

    For some reason, you fail to pay respect to the team that has dominated the 2000's and has done nothing this offseason except for getting younger, stronger, faster and deeper. The team has solidified their O & D lines for years to come and we have the best QB & DL in the NFL. We had one of if not the best draft of anyone this year. For your sake, you better pray the injury bug stays around for another year or your undefeated season best record will reside in New England from here on out (we pretty much hold every other record nowadays in case you haven't noticed).

    >>> NOW - I challenge you to a very simple New England Patriots will win more games than your poor excuse for parity in 2006.

    I wil also consider post season and head to head bets as well.

    Amount - YOU name it.....

    Winner, will donate their winnings to:

    Miguels "Bread of Life" cause, which is food pantry in Malden, Massachusetts that serves over 400 low-income and homeless families per month. People that have found his salary cap pages useful tend to make a donation to the Bread of Life soup kitchen/food pantry ,if they can afford to.

    Their address is:

    Bread of Life
    511 Main Street
    Malden, MA 02148-3918
    ATTN: Mea Quinn Mustone
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  18. feelthepain

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    Before Brady wound up in NE what had he won of any significance???? Give me a break with the Brady love Mr. 6TH round draft pick almost went undrafted, he's a good QB in a great system....period!!!!!!!! I love how because your Pat fans you think it gives you the right to crap on every QB in the league because Brady was the QB of a team that won three SB's by a combined 9 pts. Those numbers don't suggest dominace by a QB to me. Infact if it weren't for a clutch kicker the Pats would have 0 SB victories in those three SB's! But I never hear a word about Vinitari.
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  20. mgcolby

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    I tell you the Fins fans just keep getting dumber!

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